Unpacking Myself

Left to Right: Backpack, Jacket, Speaker, Laptop, Spare Mask, Phone, Wallets, Gum + Snacks, Shears, Mouse, Pens, Glasses, Calculator, Headphones, Webcam, Charger, Water Bottle, Tourniquet, Book, Kindle, Flashlight, Keys, Earbuds, Deodorant, Notebook.

“Every man carries with him the world in which he must live.” -Writer Francis Crawford

This quote by Crawford is most likely meant to be a metaphorical statement on how everyone has their own perspective and world view that they bring along, but I believe this quote also works as a literal examination of why we carry around the things we do.

Laying out my bag, I see a pretty basic layout for a student in the era of virtual education, multiple chargers, books and notebooks, earbuds, a Laptop, jacket, and my phone.

These key items are not very interesting or unique, but it is the ‘mini-motifs’ that you can see in my bag that really can shed some light on what I value in the world in which I live.

The first theme that is prevalent in my bag is that of music. I carry around multiple audio devices just so I can always have a music during the day. Whether it be earbuds while exercising or just walking around, noise cancelling headphones for working, or a speaker to share the music – I love having my day filled with music as it really makes the tedium of the day so much better.

Next, I have a couple survivalist / first aid tools that are at the ready for a scenario in which I might have the opportunity to help myself or others during an emergency. As an EMT, I know just how valuable something so basic as a tourniquet or shears can be in a life-saving environment. Bad things happen all the time, and having something that can get you or others out of a pinch can be very valuable for no cost of space or convenience.

Finally, I have a tech undertone throughout my items. Although it may not carry the “gamery aesthetic” of hard contrasts, RGB lighting, and big logos around it, my laptop is a very powerful productivity and gaming machine. So, in the very off chance that I do have free time to boot up Doom or Cuphead, I am always ready with a mouse and a detachable webcam + mic. My phone doubles as a notebook I can write in with a stylus, and my kindle is a personal library condensed into my palm.

Overall, I think this really does say a fair bit about me. I am someone who fills his life with music and games in order to stay sane in crazy times, and am also someone who is ready to help others in a time of need. This little exercise of just examining items in my bag really does expose a slice of the cake that is my passions and personality – while, interestingly, it seemed that it was not the large things that said much, rather the little quirks that I carry that set me apart from every other person’s baggage.

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