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Minecraft: A World To Make Your Own

This week we were tasked with writing and producing the first episode of our class’s podcast: The Longest Rainy Sunday. For this inaugural episode, my group decided to do a game we unanimously appreciated: Minecraft. This task seemed really easy at first because Minecraft’s sandbox structure makes it a versatile game in which a player’s possibilities are seemingly endless. Unfortunately, the same sandbox structure complicated our analysis of the game as there were so many angles we each wanted to examine it from. The day before the deadline, we tried recording off our outline to give a more free-flowing conversational style of podcast episode, but in practice – it is hard to read cues of when to jump in on a topic when everyone is virtual and recording. Still, I think our episode was generally a success for a first episode. The editing was a bit off, with the music awkwardly playing in the middle of the episode but I think we now know what to do in preparation and in post-production for our future episodes of the podcast.

Image Credit: Attack of the Fanboy

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