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Fantasy Football: More Than Just Sports Betting

This week we had to produce our final podcast episode. Its crazy to think that we are basically at the end of the semester! In addition to this, our game project is also due, so my group decided divide and conquer. As a challenge, though, we wanted to pick a game that wasn’t a true video game to serve as a change to the already videogame-packed week. So, we decided to analyze the game of fantasy football. This episode was definitely different from many of the others of The Longest Rainy Sunday, but I think we made some good points when it came to analyzing a separate type of game. Once again, we utilized this “dry run” method to see what worked and what needed improving, and my editing job has obviously progressed from unsavory to somewhat decent! This episode was really evident in showing how I could use this class in writing and analyzing things other than video games. Our group was able to structure an argument that used evidence to look at the benefits of “playing the game” of fantasy football.


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