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Super Mario 64: Learning to Explore Our Own Castles

This week, it was time for round two of producing the class podcast The Longest Rainy Sunday. Last time, we had the daunting task of making the first episode. Now, more episodes have been produced, we now know what our show should generally cover when it comes to analyzing a game. This time though, we accounted for the time it takes to actually develop a script and show that puts forward a cohesive argument. So, we developed a strategy that I think worked out well. Over the week, we thought up our central argument, building an outline that then expanded on each point that we could talk about. As the deadline grew closer, we then did what we called a “disaster run” where we just tried to organically build a show from the outline. By not stopping mistakes we knew what ideas in our outline needed to have more structured, scripted pieces and wrote down some of the talking points we made in our first run. I think this led to us making a great episode with fleshed out arguments – and I learned a lot about old-school Mario!


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