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Comparison Reflection

This essay was definitely the most traditional, analysis-heavy piece we had to write, asking us to formulate an essay looking at two of the many games we played in class and show how they dealt with trauma and emotions. Although it was “traditional,” the essay was still nothing like the boilerplate five paragraph essay that I was so tired of writing in high school. Getting started was really the hardest part, as the essay had to be structured in that the thesis of the argument was staged only at the end. This led me to floundering quite a bit when I tried to write the essay top-down. Only after planning it out and formulating my thesis was I able to frame my arguments; how sympathy and empathy were the main goals of Gone Home and Firewatch, respectively. After completing, I really could see that no matter how you structure your essay, the argument can still be strong as long as it is fleshed out, regardless of where the thesis was located.


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