About Me

Hi, I’m Ranjan.

When I was applying to colleges, my main essay was a grandiose, overly dramatic piece on a (quite literal) life-changing experience in the back of an ambulance where I helped resuscitate a woman. It was suspenseful, insightful, and introspective – but it didn’t paint a true picture of me. Hey, I love changing lives and making a difference as much as the next guy, but my favorite experiences are the little personal moments I have with those around me, whether it be seeing a friend cheer up after I tell a dumb joke or just holding the hand of an elderly patient who needed some human contact in a time of need. My love of these compassionate moments has led me to pursue a career in healthcare and advocacy – a field in which I can see the effects of my work pay off. 

My philosophy in life is that I live to try and give everything a shot, because I never know when I will find a hidden joy, like how I found volunteering at my local ambulance squad. Adventuring into things that I have never done before have left me with some of my most memorable (and sometimes awkward) experiences. I have tried out many sports, done musical theater, flew model planes, and even had a skater phase, and all of these have helped shape who I am today. 

A testament to my philosophy and wide range in experiences and the friends I’ve made along the way is my playlist on Spotify. It is over two hundred hours long, and consists of every genre, flavor, and language of music I have ever come across. There are times when I can be listening to Beethoven one minute and then death metal the next. This variety in taste is due solely to the influences of the people I meet and friends I make. In fact, I find that the easiest way to build a connection and break down the “wall of small talk” when talking to strangers is to ask for a song, movie, or book recommendation. When I allow myself to at least try the things other people are passionate about, I am able to relate to even the most unlikely acquaintances. There have been many occasions where I have had long conversations with strangers, discussing Pagliacci, the new Travis Scott album, or even about SpongeBob episodes! I hope to continue exploring new things and keep this philosophy as I move forward in life, to better myself not only as a person, but also as a friend to everyone.

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