Comparison Reflection

This essay was definitely the most traditional, analysis-heavy piece we had to write, asking us to formulate an essay looking at two of the many games we played in class and show how they dealt with trauma and emotions. Although it was “traditional,” the essay was still nothing like the boilerplate five paragraph essay thatContinue reading “Comparison Reflection”

I Want to Know Who Let Me Emotionally Scar Myself By Making This Cheesy Reenactment

We had to recreate a famous scene from a movie this week, and I wanted to pick one from the best actor in one of my favorite movies: Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. I may have hammed it up a little bit, but this was my attempt at a monologue that earned Heath Ledger aContinue reading “I Want to Know Who Let Me Emotionally Scar Myself By Making This Cheesy Reenactment”

Who Knew That Making a Game Would be Harder than Criticizing Them?

Over the last few classes, my group had been spending time in developing a concept for a video game of our own! This whole time in class, we have been playing and dissecting games from the perspective of players, but now we got to experience what it was like to put a story of ourContinue reading “Who Knew That Making a Game Would be Harder than Criticizing Them?”

Fantasy Football: More Than Just Sports Betting

This week we had to produce our final podcast episode. Its crazy to think that we are basically at the end of the semester! In addition to this, our game project is also due, so my group decided divide and conquer. As a challenge, though, we wanted to pick a game that wasn’t a trueContinue reading “Fantasy Football: More Than Just Sports Betting”

Super Mario 64: Learning to Explore Our Own Castles

This week, it was time for round two of producing the class podcast The Longest Rainy Sunday. Last time, we had the daunting task of making the first episode. Now, more episodes have been produced, we now know what our show should generally cover when it comes to analyzing a game. This time though, weContinue reading “Super Mario 64: Learning to Explore Our Own Castles”

Minecraft: A World To Make Your Own

This week we were tasked with writing and producing the first episode of our class’s podcast: The Longest Rainy Sunday. For this inaugural episode, my group decided to do a game we unanimously appreciated: Minecraft. This task seemed really easy at first because Minecraft’s sandbox structure makes it a versatile game in which a player’sContinue reading “Minecraft: A World To Make Your Own”

My Homecoming Experience

Start Game 9-13-20 2250 Just started the game, and am already not sure if I should have started so late at night. I’ve played Horror simulation games like Outlast before, and I want no part of that experience – but looking up game reviews I hope there is nothing like that! 2310 Looking through Sam’sContinue reading “My Homecoming Experience”

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